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Art Nouveau, an influential movement of design and
applied art from the late 1800s through the mid 1920s. Its
premise was that art should be expressed on everything
from architecture to painting to furniture and household
items, in order to make art accessible to peoples'
everyday lives. It was characterized by motifs inspired by
nature, as well as highly stylized flowing lines, curves, and
forms. The movement beautifully facilitated the transition
from 19th to 20th century art. From Talouse-Lautrec,
Mucha and Klimt through the Glasgow Group. Also in this
collection are works by the Ashcan Group, an affilliation of
artists who beautifuly depicted the New York city of the
1910's and 1920's. This collection includes paintings by
Beardsley, Toorop, de Feure, Crane, Dupas, Goines, Klimt,
Mucha, Toulouse Lautrec, MacDonnald, MacNair,
MacKintosh, Barbier, d'Erte (Tirtoff ), Grasset,
Dobuzhinsky, Somov, Rippl-Ronai, Grasset, Steinlen, van
Dongen, Icart, Moser, Vuillard, Zandomeneghi, Vallotton,
the Glasgow Group, the Ashcan Group, Bellows, du Bois,
Glackens, Lawson, Luks, Predergast, Schinn, Sloan
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