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With BeamItNow! you can quickly and easily beam images from your mobile phone or PDA to your PC using Bluetooth. No user interaction on the PC is required. The received image is immediately shown on the PC ready to be forwarded in an email, copied to the clipboard, moved to a folder, used as the desktop wallpaper or printed. BeamItNow! also contains a screen saver that displays the images you have received in a slide show.

When an image is received it is always put in the BeamItNow! inbox. With BeamItNow! images can quickly be:

  • Printed.
  • Moved and saved.
  • Copied to the clipboard to be pasted into another Windows program, e.g. Microsoft Word, Outlook or PowerPoint.
  • Used as the desktop wallpaper.
  • Emailed using Microsoft Outlook.
  • Added to the BeamItNow! screen saver.

In fact you can configure BeamItNow! to perform any of the actions described above automatically when an image is received.

You can for example tell BeamItNow! to print all images as soon as they are received.

Or you can tell BeamItNow! to change the desktop wallpaper as soon as a new image is received.

The BeamItNow! screen saver shows a slide show of all the images you have put in the screen saver.

You can:

  • Choose the images you want the screen saver to show.
  • Choose whether or not to stretch the images to fit the screen.
  • Choose how long each image shall be shown.
  • Choose whether or not to show a clock in the right corner of the screen.
  • When the screen saver is running all images that you beam to your PC will automatically be added to the screen saver.

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