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xinco? [ eXtensible INformation COre ]  
The Core of Information and Document Management
xinco DMS? is a powerful Web-Service based Information and Document Management System (DMS) for files, text, URLs and contacts, featuring ACLs, version control, full text search and an FTP-like client.

  • You know exactly WHERE your important Information is stored! (Tree + Search)
  • You know WHAT this Information is about! (Meta-Data)
  • You manage WHO has access to certain Information! (Access Control Lists)
  • You know WHO is doing WHAT with your Information! (Logging)

  • You miss all of this on your File Server!? -> switch to a Document Management System (DMS)!
Why xinco DMS????
  • xinco DMS? uses common Client / Server Architecture, but...
  • Client and Server are independent!
  • Set up a Server and share your Repository over the Internet or within your Company Intranet
  • Install XincoExplorer (the Client) and access any Repository world-wide!

  • xinco DMS? is like FTP, but with all the powerful features of Document Management Systems (DMS)!
  • manages Documents / Files / Text / URLs / Contacts...
  • Full-Text Indexing and Search of Text, Adobe PDF, MS Word, MS Excel, HTML, ...
  • Graphical Search Query Builder
  • tree-based Folder / Data Object Hierarchy
  • native Support for organizing Multi-Language Data
  • direct preview / editing of Files, direct opening of Websites in default browser, direct opening of Contacts in default Email application
  • Standalone Java Client (multi-language), deployed via Java Web Start
  • Massive Data Import Tool (Multiple Files + Sub-Folders)
  • Access Control Lists for Users and Groups
  • FDA 21 CFR part 11 compliance (both XincoAdmin & XincoExplorer)
  • Checkin / Checkout, Version Control and preservation of previous Revisions
  • Data Commenting / Discussion
  • XincoPublisher for accessing public data (e.g. linking from external websites, browsing)
  • periodic File Archiving to external storage volumes
  • Client / Server - Communications via SOAP Web Services + SOAP with Attachments (SAAJ)
  • scalable Server and Web Service Engine built on Apache Axis
  • open to third-party Clients and direct Application Integration (Web Services)
  • fast and reliable MySQL or PostgreSQL database backend
  • Storage Location of Files and Search Index on different volumes to optimize use of Network Storage Devices (NAS, SAN)
Distribution xinco InstantDMS? Professional has a Windows-Installer bundling the following:
  • xinco DMS?
  • Web Application Server: Apache Tomcat
  • Java SDK for Apache Tomcat
  • Database Server: PostgreSQL
  • ...for quick and easy production quality installations on Windows 2000/XP/2003
  • Upgrade Installers will be availabe for future versions of xinco DMS?!
Delivery After completing the order process you will instantly receive the following:
  • an E-Mail containing a download link to the Windows-Installer-File of "xinco InstantDMS Professional"
  • a unique Username (= license key) + Password for downloading that file

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