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Size: 1 MB              $ 20.00
Publisher's Description:Taskbar Master allows you to move your taskbar buttons and icons as you wish. You can also set up rules to automatically place your favourite programs' buttons in your desired order as soon as they appear. No other product does this!

Taskbar Master works on x86 and x64 editions of XP, Vista, Server 2003 and Server 2008.

30-day free trial, then you can buy a license either per user ( one user on any machine ) or per machine ( any user on one machine ).

What people have said:

...[Taskbar Master] fills a gap in the essential utilities toolkit for Windows 64...

...[Taskbar Master] is a simple tool that once you have you'll wonder how you ever lived without...

...[Taskbar Master] removes a restriction that has been annoying me for years. Thank you!...

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